Nanjing Scenic Villas


Year: 2014-2016. WAA Shanghai.

I was Design Leader for this massive, very fast-track residential villas project located in Nanjing, China. I was responsible for everything from design concepts to drawing up details (85 presentations, thousands of drawings), managing a team of 1-2 colleagues, client interaction and construction follow-up (over 20 site visits, deficiency reports, etc). The project was phased, and comprised of Lot A, Lot B, and Lot C (not part of our scope). All told over 60 buildings of medium density (town home) housing. This was my final project in China before I moved back to the US.

  • LOT A & LOT A SHOW GARDEN 2014-2015
  • LOT A DETACHED VILLA #20 2014-2016
  • LOT B 2014-2015
  • LOT B (REDESIGN) 2015-2016
  • LOT B SHOW GARDEN 2015-2016
  • LOT B PARK 2016.