Shijiazhuang Marriot Fountain

Year: 2010 Work completed at Earth Asia Design Group, Shanghai, China. These fountain proposals were for the SJZ Marriott Hotel, in Shijiazhuang, a city of 10 million in northern China. Option 4 was chosen and developed as depicted. It was never built however. Text from the slides at left: Marriott Hotel was founded in 1927 in Washington DC originally as a Root Beer stand; it’s origins are in food service and did not become a hotel chain until 1967. Option 1 proposes a grid of abstracted emerging fizz entities indicative of overexcited soda. The water fountain in the grid area would be constantly running while the overflow runs down the grade change in parallel to the adjacent stairs. The logo of the Marriott would be a color-matched granite but would not show the entire circle of the logo because the design suggests that there is more that happens at Marriott than meets the eye. The juxtaposition of the logo to the grid also merits the identity’s distinction of a high level of service and hospitality (and not that of a generic, run-of-the-mill hotel). Lighting could be done through the logo if it were a veneer (backlit). Option 2 proposes a […]
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