Rainbow City Streetscape Tianhong Road Prism

Year: 2013. WAA Shanghai. Tianhong Road, part of the Rainbow City Streetscape, was determined to become the main commercial corridor in the 10 city block Rainbow City development. I was tasked to develop a gateway feature that was inspired by the night sky and astronomical observation. Thinking of the star-scape at night, I came up with a chandelier with hundreds of beads of different finishes to create a feeling of “Raindrops in the Sky” that would shimmer and reflect light at night, much like how stars twinkle. The last image in the slide set is a professional render; sadly this proposal never went beyond the initial design stage.
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Chongqing Tiandi East Gateway

Year: 2011-2014. WAA Shanghai. Ultimately only the Green Wall was built for the Chongqing Tiandi East Gateway, but here are some earlier proposals for this area with slides showing the Green Wall as photographed in April 2014. The earlier designs played with symbols and patterns from the Chongqing region.
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