Jeremi BigosiƄski, PLA

Jeremi, (Rem for short), is a licensed landscape architect in the State of Connecticut, who was collaborated with area design professionals, including Wesley Stout Associates in New Canaan on commercial, residential and school campuses. He practiced landscape design and urbanism for six years at WAA International in Shanghai, China. Rem is passionate about cultural interpretations of place and how texture and form can provide a platform for harmonic spaces. While at WAA, he served as Chief Designer of the Scenic Villas residential project in Nanjing. He was also involved in studying historical and ritualistic contexts and preserving the memory of place through site and amenity design for such projects as Raffles City Chongqing, Shanghai Rainbow City Lot 2 & 3 (mixed use; part of a 10 city block revitalization) and for the Shanghai Rainbow City Streetscape. Rem is committed to utilizing best practices in design, specifications and sustainability.

Rem is also a sculptor and artist. You can see his portfolio at

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